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Our Commitment...

Here at The Produce Counter  we make use of integrated manufacturing technology, as well as hand-cut processing skills to: reduce in-house labour, provide product consistency, and maximize cooler space. 

As an SQF (level 2) certified facility, we prioritize product quality and food safety. Our well-trained and motivated group of staff play a vital role in our  success.


The Produce Counter is committed to a year-round sustainability program. All packaging is comprised of 100% recyclable PETE-1 material plastic. As well as biodegradable corrugated cardboard, which is pressed in house to ensure re-usability conditions are met.

We have also made recent efforts to provide a compostable alternative to our retail consumers with upgrades to processing machines, and packaging suppliers. 


The possibilities are endless. From banquet halls to backyard barbecues. With emphasis on precision and manual cut specifications, innovation is on our side. Over time we have successfully adapted to the ever-changing consumer market, and we continue to excel with the evolving demands.

There is no shortcut to freshness. All items are processed and packed within 24 hours of shipment to ensure the longest lasting quality on your shelf. Our sophisticated and experienced purchasing team handpicks all of our incoming produce, with a conscious eye on local growers within the community. 



                                                                                         Produce Wash 

Our product sanitation program features a state of the art German industrialized wash feed capable of handling a variety of items. With a combination of food-grade peroxide and steady vibration sifting we are able to consistently achieve our microbial limits. 

Our recent work...

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